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After reading Kate Chopin’s ,”Story of an Hour” i was unsure as to whether or not Chopin’s work only contains “local color” as described in the Southern Literary Journal or whether, it is infact a story with much more to offer. However, after reading the story again i gained a true appreciation for her attention to detail and her ability to depict a vivid picture with her words.

  The first time i read it through i thought it was merely a story of a woman who lost her husband, however the second time through i saw it as a womans struggle for power after years of being under her husband’s control.  Her grief could not hide her utter joy for her newly gained freedom.  This state of emotion is very evident when she comes upon this realization and says “Free! Body and Soul, Free”

I thought the way Chopin gradually depicted the character of Mrs. Mallard was very deceiving.  In the beginning you think of her as weak and fragile individual. However further along in the story her inevitable strength shows when she comes to the self actualization of her independence. 


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  nmbayley wrote @

Hi there,

I’m in your blogging community for English Just want to say that that was very well put – I totally agree and you’ve hit it right on.


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