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When most think about the story Frankenstein, what immediately comes to mind is an image of a giant lumbering monster with bolts in his neck, running around town terrorizing a village. What most people don’t realize is this a complex story that engages it readers beyond the readers interest into what happens to the monster. It is a story that relate can relate to in present time. The story deals with many themes including the dangerous pursuit of knowledge and monstrosity.

Pursuit of knowledge is inherit in every one but in this story, Dr. Frankenstein is haunted by his desire to explore past human limits and discover the secret to life. In chapter three, Frankenstein says “more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation” setting him on a path in discovery of knowledge that eventually led to the creation of his monster. What come of this is a disastrous creation, causes Dr. Frankenstein to keep the existence of the monster a secret. For Victor the knowledge that the monster is wreaking havoc on the towns drives him into despair. The pursuit of knowledge can be seen today as scientist continue to work on projects like stem cell research and biological diseases. As with Victor, there are question on where to stop when a scientist is driven to discover more and more. In the case of Victor, this pursuit ended up with disastrous results, leading to the deaths of everyone close to Dr. Frankenstein.

As for Monstrosity, it represents not only the literal when it comes to the monster, who is grotesque looking, built from many different stolen body parts but can describe Dr. Frankenstein. Victor is lead by his ambition and selfishness as well he’s haunted by the burden of the secrecy of his creation. These elements are what make the core of the monster inside him. He refuse to look out for those who love him, only to protect his secret creation. This is common theme that can be seen even today in every day life, whether is a celebrity driven to corruption or crime in an effort to hide a secret or just a regular citizen haunted by guilt for something they’ve done, I’m sure most readers can relate to this.

The last theme that readers can relate to is that of loneliness. The monster is quoted saying “I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on.”, telling the readers how he was abandoned by his creator and is lonely and feels hurt. Even Dr Frankenstein is estranged from his loved one because of his obsession with the monster. Depression and loneliness is becoming more and more common in society now a days and I’m sure readers can relate to the 2 main characters.

Frankenstein is and engaging story, while originally publish in 1818, the story has transcended time and remains a favourite among readers. For readers, I feel they will relate to the characters, and enjoy this story as the themes are still prevalent to today.


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  nmbayley wrote @

Frankenstein is indeed universal and so engaging even for our audience. I do agree, as you pointed out before, it is much better to slow down and read this novel almost methodically or else you miss things and you just don’t take it for all that it is. I really think that there are especially themes of human rights and socialist/capitalist themes that are so prevalent in Frankenstein that you can relate to modern day as well as the eighteenth/nineteenth centuries. I’m writing my essay on the Marxist take on it and there is just so much to it!

The themes you have captured in Frankenstein are so important to the story. You have really interpreted Frankenstein for what it is (though there is such a never ending array of detail, themes and content that one could contiune to explore). Great job!:)

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